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Improve Quality, Reduce Costs, and Speed Time to Market with V8i

MicroStation V8i helps engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner-operators by promoting collaborative, streamlined workflows among multiple disciplines and across project teams.

MicroStation V8i software features the breadth and depth of technology
needed for fully integrated project delivery throughout the infrastructure lifecycle. The benefits of MicroStation V8i include

Increased information quality.

Enhanced design quality.

Improved operational safety.

Reduced project costs.

Shortened delivery times.

Bentley developed MicroStation V8i in direct response to the needs articulated by infrastructure professionals around the world.

• Help us work better, work smarter, and speed our projects* time to market.*

• Help us improve the flow of information * not just in our firm, but among the extended project team.*

• Help us create better information earlier in the design and engineering process * because that*s where it can have the greatest impact on an asset*s performance.*

• Help us find the way to lower an asset*s total installed and operating cost by reusing design and construction information throughout our operations.*

Without question, challenges like these hamper the delivery of higher-quality projects. But they also inspire the development of better software software like MicroStation V8i * that

Is more intuitive to learn and interactive in its use.

Intrinsically coordinates project information from different sources.

Facilitates improved collaboration across distributed teams.

MicroStation V8i is used by engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner
operators to design, model, visualize, document, map, and sustain infrastructure projects.
MicroStation V8i is their preferred software foundation, because it delivers an integrated and
proven suite of intuitive, interactive, and highly interoperable capabilities to the desktop.

Interoperability Support
MicroStation V8i provides project teams with a significant interoperability advantage from a single software product. With MicroStation V8i users can overcome many DWG reuse challenges and extend the value of DWG data, by integrating all DWG and DGN content in one place. Users can aggregate and reuse 3d models from multiple software products, and work much faster with large raster files to speed the time to project completion.
Intrinsic Geo-Coordination
MicroStation V8i and its new Geo-Coordination capabilities enable project teams to accurately and quickly coordinate project information from multiple sources, stored in multiple file formats, using multiple coordinate and grid systems. Using MicroStation V8i Geo-Coordination tools, project teams can easily and accurately attach vector and raster reference data inside the same file. MicroStation V8i includes OGC Web Map Server underlay*s and concurrently integrates real-time GPS location information inside the same MicroStation design environment.
Interactive Dynamic Views
MicroStation V8i and dynamic views help project teams simplify 2d drawing composition and 3d modeling and visualization experiences. With dynamic views users can slice and filter models to see only what*s needed in view and maintain a fully coordinated set of 3d models and 2d deliverables across projects. Because the views in MicroStation V8i are *dynamic* they are all updated immediately when the model is changed. Dynamic views also help teams interactively compose 2d drawing sheets from plans, sections, and elevations that are optimized to scale well across distributed teams.
Integrated Print Organizer
MicroStation V8i and the newly Integrated print Organizer enables teams to enforce corporate CAD standards when plotting drawings using print styles, assemble hybrid plot sets which consist of DGN, DWG, raster and other vector files in 2D and 3D formats, produce identical paper and PDF
copies of drawings with the push of a button, and eliminate time consuming and expensive manual processes through plot automation and batch printing.
Intuitive Design Modeling
MicroStation V8i and its intuitive design modeling tools equip project teams to satisfy their 3D modeling requirements with a single software product. Using MicroStation V8i teams can intuitively and interactively build and edit models faster. Teams can aggregate and assemble geometry from multiple software sources to save time and money, and * using GenerativeComponents* inside MicroStation * every user can now create smarter geometry to explore more design options in less time.
Iterative Luxology Rendering
MicroStation V8i and its new near real-time photo-realistic Luxology rendering enables project teams to gain project stakeholder buy-in, validate the fit and finish of a project,
and secure funding for design alternatives. MicroStation V8i can * at the push of a button * produce the very highest quality images using pre-configured settings to better balance speed and quality. Project teams can now deliver incredibly realistic interior and exterior views using lighting and textures that mirror project reality like never before. MicroStation V8i is used by engineers, architects, GIS professionals, constructors, and owner operators to design, model, visualize, document, map, and sustain infrastructure projects. MicroStation V8i is their preferred software foundation, because it delivers an integrated and proven suite of intuitive, interactive, and highly interoperable capabilities to the desktop.Simplify 2D drawing composition Geo-Coordinate project information Visualizing project designs Produce intelligent 3D PDFs *Saving time and working faster is really what it is all about.** Wm Saunders Partnership LLP | WSP

Design Productivity
• Customizable interface to group
tools and tasks
• Comprehensive set of drafting and
detailing tools
• AccuDraw* for dynamic input with
heads-up display
• Intelligent and interactive snapping
• Keyboard Position Mapping
• Customizable cursor menus
• File history navigation
• Batch convert multiple formats
• Reference 2D/3D DGN , DWG
and many other vector files
• Attach large image files as
reference files
• Attach versioned files using
Design History
• Attach PDF files as a reference
3D Design Modeling
• Curve, surface, mesh, feature, and
solids modeling in a single solution
• Intuitively push, pull, drag, cut,
& extrude 3D geometry
• Create 3D print-ready models
with easy to use tools
• Model geometry, capture relationships,
and create forms parametrically
using GenerativeComponents
• Use models from Google 3D Warehouse
and many other sources
• Integrated clash detection*
Photo-realistic Rendering
• Near real-time Luxology rendering
• Point-and-shoot physically correct
materials and lighting libraries
• Multi-core support for 32 processors
• Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC)
available online
• Distributed/networked rendering
Powerful Animation
• Luxology powered for speed
and realism
• Key frame & time-based animation
• Live on-screen animation preview
• Timeline and velocity graph
• Distributed/networked rendering
Printing and Plotting
• Create, manage, and navigate
plot sets with Print Organizer
• Control print settings using
Print Styles
• Batch print multiple drawings
• Publish intelligent 2D/3D PDFs
using genuine Adobe* PDF tools
CAD Standards Management
• Manag