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Download keygen for PROMT Software Collection 2010

PROMT Software Collection 2010 - PROMT Dictionaries and Translators are an indispensable solution for the transfer of the documents in the industrial scale. PROMT offers a powerful tool for automatic translation of documents in various formats, e-mail, Web-sites, presentations in format Microsoft PowerPoint. When translating completely preserved the formatting of the source document. A wide range of settings, including the connection of online dictionaries, you can translate even complex specialized texts. Collection PROMT Software Collection contains the following applications: PROMT Expert 8.5 Giant, PROMT 4U 8.5 Giant, PROMT Standard 8.5, and a collection of specialized dictionaries PROMT 8.

Translation: * Documents in applications MS Word, Excel, Power Point

* Web sites in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox

* Messages in MS Outlook

* PDF-documents

* ICQ messages

Direction of translation: * English-Russian

* Russian-English

* German-Russian

* Russian-German

* French-Russian

* Russian-French

* Spanish-Russian

* Russian-Spanish

* Italian-Russian

Key features: * Linguistic Editor

* Translation in Microsoft Office applications

* Translation of Web-sites

* Translation of PDF-documents

* Translation of documents OpenOffice Writer

* Working with Templates

* Creation of own dictionaries

* Using online dictionaries

* Terminology management

* Creation of glossaries, dictionaries

Installation instructions: Internet is disabled!

To install the program (from admin) - after installing the program does not open, in order to avoid spontaneous emission in the trial. Proposal register is ignored by pressing later.

1. Set the program PROMT Expert 8.5 Giant

2. Set the program PROMT 4U 8.5 Giant

System requirements: * Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

* Processor: Pentium * IV 1 GHz or higher or equivalent

* RAM: 512 MB RAM (recommended level of 1024 MB)

* Free hard disk space: 900 MB

On the file: Enabling | reg code: Is present

Interface Language: Russian

File format: rar

Platform / OS: windows all