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Download keygen for LastXP v21 USB Edition Pre-Validated

LastXP v21 USB Edition | 3.4Gb

What IS LastXP?
Welcome to LastXP v21, time to see what fun Windows XP can be when it's made for you the users, instead of being limited by Legalities, a fully featured OS with no holding back, if something was good - it was included, if something was bad - it was removed. All thats left is the OS with the most tools and the most options, made to save you time and effort with more new features than ALL previous LastXP's combined.
LastXP v21 is aimed at home users who wish to mod an OS simply and to suit them, It has been specially programmed to allow easy modding as well as choosing what apps to include/remove. So v21 is classed as a Base OS for modders but at the same time offers a Default install that allows options to be changed at the very start of the installation.

This particular version features Kay's Core - a more updated core version of XP, keeping the whole platform much more stable. Enjoy!

LastXP's features are added to make installing XP as simple and complete as possiable, many are included;

Install From DVD or USB
Use DVD/USB Autorun to Install Applications
Optional Boot Menus
Fully Automated (Optional)
Component Removal Selection
Language And TimeZone Selection

Select Only the Driver Packs You Need
ssWPI Selection Menu Options and Apps
RocketDock Available During Setup
Fader Screens for Visual Effects
Post Install Settings

Up To Date
Tweaked To Perfection
Visually Improved
Addon Tools
Customize Your ISO
Create Your Own Silent and Portable Apps

Many more features are included and some you may not discover until you have been using LastXP for a little while.

Autorun Menu Features:
Install Apps (ssWPI)
Tweaks and Services
Settings (Re run settings even on non LastXP machines)
Browse DVD
Install Office 2007 (Hidden if not found on the DVD)
CD\DVD ISO Builder (Customize your ISO before U burn it)
Hiren's Win Tools (Runs Hiren's Menu)
Run ppApps From Disk - Lists all the exe files in the ppApps)
Make USB - Creates a USB Bootable Installer of LastXP

ISO Builder Features:
Copy from a Virtual or Real DVD to a folder you Create on your PC (any drive)
Change the default settings for all included tools available during install
Apply a default theme to your ISO
Add new Apps/Updates/Mods and Themes by dragging and dropping them onto the Special Box
Make Presets for your Default or other optional Presets for the ssWPI
Set the Default Workgroup, Owners etc
Disable the Fader and other effect to suit Older machines
Test the Theme you just applied by using the Preset builder
Make ISO to a location you set and chose the boot option that best suits you
Set default Driverpack Selection and Language/Location/Timezone

Things Available on Dos Boot Menu:
LiveXP Micro
LiveXP Soporific SDI Boot
LastXP (Extra SATA/RAID support)
LastXP (Standard XP Drivers Only)
Hiren's BootCD 9.5
True Image
Disk Director
And many other tools

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