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Download keygen for Loopmasters D A.V E The Drummer Tekno ToolBox

In brief, this pack contains over 1100 loops, 696 drum hits and a fantastic selection of 353 Fx sounds, a vast collection of synths, vocals, & one shots as well as Kontakt and abelton files for additional flexibility.

With over 1.6 gigs of total Techno we feel this will soon become your go to sound collection to explore the possibilities of Techno music.

With a total of 2747 samples this pack is a essential tool for any producer making electronic music who is looking to beef up a production or just to add a bit ofTechno flavor in your musical works.

No stone was left unturned during the production of Tekno Tool Box, giving you total freedom to create your music with top notch 16 bit wav sound files that are totally user ready in any DAW or software sampler.

The sound files are pumped up just enough, giving you the room to add EFX & EQ, with out the stress of pre mastered sounds which tend to give you less head room to work with in your productions.

All you will need is time to go thru this vast collection of wicked samples to find what you need to give your track that extra touch of the underground.

All the folders are labeled to find what you need with no fuss. Loop folders have BPM and certain sounds have been keyed for ease of use.

This pack Contains a special Abelton Live bonus pack that features 4 Drum Rack patches and 4 Simpler Synth patches along with their relevant samples from theTekno Tool Box sample CD.

Tekno Tool Box Volume One is for any professional music producer or any producer just starting out. Its Industrial Strengths biggest pack to date so you know it contains everything you need to make undergroundTechno music all in one user friendly sample pack.

# 1.69 gigs in total

# Bass shots: 69 samples

# Drum hits: 696

# FX sounds: 353

# Loops: 1277

# Synths: 299

# Bizarre Technoid Vocals : 53

# Abelton Live bonus Instruments: 2

# Total: 2747 Samples

# 44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo WAV/REX