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Download keygen for Sonic Flavours Massive Progressive REFiLL

Massive Progressive for Reason 4 is a one-stop progressive trance/house collection and other styles. An absolute essential for all serious Reason 4 producers. Featuring over 250 combinators in 7 categories: Arpeggios, Bass, FX Stabs & Swells, Leads, LFO Synths & Pads, Thor Sequences.

Massive Progressive Includes:

• 100+ ReQuencer Patches!
• Over 130 Malstr*m patches.
• Over 130 Thor patches.
• 150 drum samples (kicks, snares and claps).
• Over 90 REX loops.

Some Tips and Tricks

While using the arpeggiator combinators don't play chords all the time. Two notes at a time often give the hottest results. Don't forget to tweak the knobs or to use the modulation wheel. A lot of sonic secrets are hidden there.

Most rexes are meant to be used as back beats/ghost beats. Most times you wanna use the high pass filter to make them sound thinner. Also try to lower the decay values of the amp envelope and please don't forget to tune and transpose the loops!

There are more FX samples in the refill than you can find in the combinator section. Of course you can find those in the sample section of Massive Progressive. Load them into your sampler or drum machine and tweak the sample length, the sample start and tunings for crazy results. Most FX are great for percussion purposes as well.

The LFO pads are set to get that typically progressive moving downbeat sound. Many producers use the side chain compression trick with kickdrums triggering what's happening to the pads. This may cause dull sounding results that can't be corrected by using extra EQ or even more compression. Try our LFO pads instead and let the end-maximizer do its job in the end (use the 4ms look ahead function). Please check the 12 RNS-demos to get an idea of what we are talking about.

There are 50 Pad combinators. All of them were programmed while a loop and a ReQuencer were running and while there were already some mastering devices set to active. We did this to come to maximum mingling results. The pads might sound less impressive compared to our Mystic Dream Pads when they're played stand alone. They will sit perfectly in every progressive trance mix though. That is why we did it this way this time!

A great sound is often the result of tuning your samples in the right way. The root note is very safe of course, but don't emphasize the root note too much! The kick drum gets the root note most of the times. The fifth (G in C) is a great choice for hi percussion and for claps. The fourth (F in C) is also a strong one. We call this one the sub dominant. The minor 7 (Bflat in C) works great for snares! The minor and major 3 (Eflat and E in C) are interesting but tricky ones, be carefull with those and if you use them, don't hide them but put them upfront! Perfect tuning will make your mixes sound more transparent and stronger. You'll need less EQing and compression when you do it like this.