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Download keygen for Wireless Hacking LiveCD 2010

An edited and slightly updated version of the popular LiveCD for working with wireless networks. Based on Ubuntu, provides a graphical interfeys.Disk boot, there is a script to be installed on the PC hard drive or a virtual machine (VirtualPC is not supported). Integrated over 50 tools to work with the network - scanners, sniffers, password crackers, and so on. utility.Krome of this - a full Linuhe sustainable yadrom.Posle installed on the hard disk system can be Russified, supplemented, adjusted to taste vladeltsa.V addition to the Back Track 4 - a very powerful set of tools to work with networks in the first place - besprovodnymi.Imeetsya a decent set of drivers for many types adapterov.V inete in various models has been known since 2007, the popular view that his creation had to do with the FBI.
RAM] 256 Mb
CPU] 800 GHz
HDD] 4 Gb
CRC32: 0D504602
MD5: D6E4E9DBCE86DC165DCF248081E4F421
SHA-1: 489BE5B921211986F47EECA42EE516275BE94267
Year: 2010
Developer: GNU
Type: Hack & Tools
Medicine: Not required
Size: 630 MB