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Download keygen for Almeza MultiSet Professional v7.8.4


- Unattended Installation and Windows. Want to create an installation disk WindowsXP, which will automatically install the system without asking questions about username, product key, time and locale settings? MultiSet - the ideal solution for a quick reinstall your operating system!


is specially made in order to free users from the routine work - installing applications. In this case, you do not need to write any code / script! Just install the required application once and MultiSet will remember all your actions. Later MultiSet will install all the applications you need automatically!

Opportunities Almeza MultiSet: 1) Automatic installation of Windows. Ability to create a CD / DVD for unattended installation of Windows on any computer. Install OS in any mode: restoring the OS Windows (installing above the current OS version (repair reinstall)), or completely reinstall windows.

2) Automatic installation of any software. Ability to create CD / DVD drive that will automatically install any sets of software on multiple computers. For example, after you install Windows, you can automatically install the service packs, drivers, localizations, any software (codecs, audio players, service tools ...), and also automatically adjusts to hold them.

3) Create a bootable disk for simultaneous unattended Windows and software installation. Ability to create a boot disk that will automatically install and windows and a set of programs.

4) Automatically restoring software settings and tuning Windows. Ability to automatically restore software and OS windows. Restore registry keys, run special tools.

5) Remote automatic installation. Ability to automatically install sets of software on the local network. The necessary software is automatically installed on any number of computers connected to the LAN.

Features: * Convenient Wizards. Creating Automatic installation disks with the help of friendly assistants masters.

* Ease of use. The program does not require any special knowledge (ie, no special script language, complicated settings), everything is simple.

* Correct handling all installation: restart your computer during automatic installation, entering registration keys, entering usernames and other parameters, adequate treatment of unusual situations, exceptions.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista

800x600 or higher screen resolution

64 Mb RAM

20 Mb HDD free space