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Download keygen for SpaceClaim Engineer 2010 Service Pack v1.0

Professional solution for creating and editing 3D solid models, specifically designed for engineers who need to contribute to the development of products, but which do not currently use any of the "primary* MCAD-systems.

SpaceClaim Corporation - a developer of software for creating and editing solid-state 3D-models. Flagship product, SpaceClaim. The program can work with most formats of 3D MCAD-systems, as well as store data in its own, completely open format, based on the technology of XML. Company President Michael Payne (Michael Payne), in the past co-founder of PTC, one of the founders of SolidWorks, later worked as executive director of Spatial Corp. and chief technologist at Dassault Systemes.

SpaceClaim - innovative software for three-dimensional simulation, which allows engineers and designers the freedom and flexibility to implement new ideas. Spaceclaim allows easy and flexible to edit models created in any of the common CAD-systems, as well as to simplify the three-dimensional models for engineering calculations, digital prototyping and manufacturing.

A brief overview of SpaceClaim: - A qualitative leap in the efficiency of development

SpaceClaim - an advanced solution for three-dimensional modeling. Spaceclaim gives engineers and designers the freedom and flexibility in the implementation of fresh ideas, provide flexibility in clear and simple CAD-system. Among the unique features Spaceclaim could be considered functional to simplify CAD models for subsequent analysis and design, digital prototyping and manufacturing.

- Decision of Spaceclaim

Engineers and designers constantly have to work with models derived from a variety of CAD-systems. While working with foreign models, inevitably there are problems (bugs rebuild) in mind that when you import models from different CAD-systems do not have full-readable models. Members working on models created in other CAD-systems often can not be edited. In Spaceclaim solved similar problems and there is no need to create projects from scratch.

Major improvements in SpaceClaim 2010 Service Pack 1.0: - New Mechanism Placement Conditions

SpaceClaim 2010 enhances assembly tools by adding Tangency, Rigid, Gear, and Anchor placement conditions. These new tools enable interactive manipulation including support for multi-bar linkages, ball joints, articulated robots, and other 3D mechanisms.

- 3D Sketching

SpaceClaim 2010 adds 3D sketching to its arsenal of sketching tools. Users can now sketch points, lines, and splines in 3D, which enhances creativity and productivity when sketching new concepts, design routed systems, and modeling beam structures.

- Sheet Metal Enhancements

SpaceClaim 2010 introduces a new sheet metal library and tab that includes an improved user interface for sheet metal and refined Sketch, Pull, and Move tools with behavior specific to sheet metal. With this new tab and UI, the workflow has been streamlined for creating concept sheet metal designs and converting imported 3D models into sheet metal parts optimized for manufacturing.

- Model Preparation

SpaceClaim 2010 now allows for fast power selection of bodies by volume, including a numerical volume selection filter, as well as turning solids into surface bodies by detaching all faces. These new functions help optimize models for analysis and speed the overall simulation-driven product development workflow.

- Large Assemblies and Drawings

SpaceClaim 2010 introduces new and enhanced methods to manage large assemblies and drawings. Users can now import any file type as a lightweight graphical representation, and load and work on only the part they choose, making it easier to work with large data sets from CAD. For customers planning large assemblies, a versatile, modular grid for automotive and aerospace application makes it easier to locate specific details on a part.