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Download keygen for Vinity Soft Biz Timesheet Manager Pro v3.0.2503.44587

Biz Timesheet Manager

Track and invoice time and expenses, get in touch with your customers and employees, manage your business efficiently!


Create project groups and activities. For instance, you can create a special group for "S - Service requests" projects, one for "AD - Administration", one for "P - Long-term projects", another for "RD - Research and Development ", and so on. For each group you can create up to 30 different activities. One advantage of such groups is that employees can easily find the project they are looking for when filling out their time sheet. And it means it is easier for you to check data and reports.

LOTS of reports!

You will benefit from a complete set of printable reports. All reports can be sent via email or exported in many format including PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, MHT, Text, Image...