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Download keygen for Devart Data Compare for SQL Server v2.0.159

Compare table data in your SQL Server databases efficiently

- try a reliable SQL comparison tool. With dbForge Data Compare you can tune your comparison, quickly analyze data differences in a well-designed user interface, and synchronize via a convenient wizard with additional options.

Support of native SQL Server backups

dbForge Data Compare uses native SQL Server backups as a metadata source. You have more freedom to compare and synchronize.

Multiple options to tune your comparison and synchronization

You can tune your comparison, display of comparison results and synchronization as you like. Besides, dbForge Data Compare applies some options by default to ensure a correct and smooth result.

Custom mapping of tables, columns, and schemas

You can manually map tables, their columns, views, and even the schemas, which can't be mapped automatically. It is no problem to compare, for example tables or their columns with different data structures or schemas with different names.