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Download keygen for Corner Bowl Disk Monitor v10.0.0.75

Corner Bowl Disk Monito

r is a network wide disk monitoring tool enabling System Administrators to centrally monitor free disk space, utilization, SMART predictive failure notifications, directory sizes, largest files, temporary files, access permissions, file extension break down and active or idle files.

Features at a Glance: * Monitors free disk space, change in free space, SMART predictive disk failure notifications and online status.

* Automatically creates disk utilization summary reports ideal for large networks.

* Displays standard SMART variables such as disk temperature and raw read error rate.

* Automatically defragments disks and deletes temporary files on all networked computers.

* Monitors directory sizes, change in directory size and number of files.

* Provides access permission reports to aid systems administrators during compliance auditing cycles.

* Generates largest files, file extension break down and active or idle file reports.

* Sends notification and saves history when files and directories are changed, created, renamed and deleted.

* Creates directory size and sub-directory detail summary reports suited for comparing directory structures and content across multiple computers.

* Automatically publishes summary and free disk space reports to your Intranet web server.

* Supports fully customizable email alerts as well as many other types of notifications and actions including desktop popups, SMS alerts, remote execute and SNMP traps.

* Automatically monitors computers added to the domain or other Active Directory organizational units.

Includes historical free disk space and directory size charts.

* Optionally stores free disk space and directory size information to SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle.

Includes tray icon status.

* Single installation monitors entire network.

* No installation required on managed computers.