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Download keygen for Corel WordPerfect X5 v15.0

Include : Package of WordPerfect X5, WordPerfect Suite X5 and WordPerfect Professional X5.

New and enhanced features:. PDF tools - create, mark up and share PDFs right from the suite. SharePoint Server - connect as a group to collaborate efficiently. Web services - automatically update documents with data from the Web. Integrated Thunderbird? email - manage email, contacts and appointments. Digital notebook - take notes, and reuse text and graphics from any source. Redesigned Help system - quickly find answers and resources. Windows? 7 support - work with Microsofts latest operating system

Do more with tools that adapt to you

Customize menus, shortcuts and toolbars

Switch to Microsoft Office Mode

Collaborate with others using PDF, SharePoint or Web services

Manage your email, contacts and schedule in one place

Do more in less time

Find answers quickly with the revamped Help system

Take control with tools like Reveal Codes and Make It Fit

Look great fast with FREE templates

Easily migrate macros, settings and templates

In addition to import PDF-files, Corel WordPerfect Office has a number of useful new features and improvements, among them - a new client, an updated user interface, new online services, better support for national characters as well as the powerful ability to easily eliminate hidden metadata. These new capabilities, in addition to the features have already become a popular package such as a function of the preliminary review of RealTime, context-sensitive toolbars and assistants (wizards) different directions, making Corel WordPerfect Office X3 the easiest-to-use version of the package of WordPerfect Office.

Installed in millions of users around the world, Corel WordPerfect Office is the most common alternative of Microsoft Office.

Richard Carrier (Richard Carriere), director, office products Corel: "Having released Corel WordPerfect Office X3, Corel introduced a powerful solution that allows you to create, edit and re-use documents. The new product provides the ability to import, edit and export pdf files as well as provided only a broad format support Microsoft Office. Today, we offer users a full-featured office solution that supports the most common today, open and closed file formats, with excellent customer support, and at a price 60% less than package of Microsoft Office ".

Among the main functions of package Corel WordPerfect Office - Standard Edition, first of all, we should note the following: 1. The function of import PDF files and print any documents in the PDF-file - WordPerfect X3 fully supports the import documents PDF, thereby facilitating the re-use text and graphic documents saved in this format. The Export to PDF, implemented in all applications, the package allows you to save text documents, spreadsheets and presentations into PDF, without using any additional software - and thus a simple and efficient exchange of content via the open format of PDF.

2. Exceptionally high compatibility with the package Microsoft Office - With enhanced support for Microsoft Office, applications WordPerfect X3, Quattro Pro X3 and Presentations X3 makes it easy to open, edit and save files in Microsoft Word, Excel ? and PowerPoint ?, which, together with PDF, are the most common file formats for data exchange. Thus, the user can work with Microsoft Office files or choose from more than 150 formats supported by Corel WordPerfect Office X3

3. Improved user interface - The trendy new buttons and toolbars give Corel WordPerfect Office X3 an exciting and user environment that will be familiar to users of previous versions of WordPerfect Office, and former users of Microsoft Office. Customizable features such as easy to use Workspace Manager (Workspace Manager), allows a wide range of modes of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word click of a button to choose a work environment, what you like.

4. Saving documents without metadata - very useful function in cases where necessary to observe confidentiality. WordPerfect X3 allows you to quickly and easily remove all private and confidential information that is hidden, but can later be easily retrieved from the document file.

5. Online resources, including search Yahoo! ? Search - Improved integration with Internet services, including access to online resources provided by Corel and Yahoo!; Take the opportunity to fast Internet search directly from WordPerfect X3!