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Download keygen for Presto PageMaker Pro v8.20.00

Improve the productivity in your organization with Presto! PageManager 8 Professional. Keep your personal life in order as well. Now this complete set of document and file management tools is even easier and more useful. Presto! PageManager 8 Professional allows you to create, write, and open PDF files without any file conversion or 3rd party applications. You can split multiple page PDF files into separate files or merge several PDF files into one.

Presto! PageManager 8 Professional supports up to 58 languages, with both horizontal and vertical style text (Windows version). It has an improved OCR view with a candidate character selection window, and automatic correction to save time on editing. A window for comparing text is floating so you can choose where to locate it. It won’t block your view.

Presto! PageManager 8 Professional comes with more convenient network features. You can add Network Folders or Network Groups to Presto! Scan Buttons and send scanned documents or image files to these folders (Windows version).