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Download keygen for Abylon LOGON SSO Pro v8.30.11.6

If you protect your computer for an effective way against unauthorized access,

then, the software abylon LOGON a convenient solution. You just need a smart card, a USB stick or CD / DVD with your windows login data and in future this medium is the login credentials.

* Single Sign-On (SSO) for Windows Application and Registration

* Support various token as a key: for example, USB flash drive, smart card or CD / DVD

* Additional security by password and token combination

* Registration with long password without being aware of this and typing

* Computer automatically locks in the absence or Unsubscribe

* Support various X.509 certificate smart cards and tokens

The software abylon Single Sign-On SSO helps the user in entering credentials, such as login name and password. For this, the login screen should be taught once by entering the appropriate credentials. This data is stored encrypted. In the future, the legitimacy of the user credentials automatically entered by software abylon Single Sign-On SSO in the appropriate fields.

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