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Download keygen for Intel C Plus Plus Compiler v11.1.069

Intel ® C + + Compiler - a compiler that provides the best support for creating multithreaded applications. Provides powerful tools for code optimization, built-in support for multithreaded applications and tools to implement technology Hyper-Threading. It supports popular development tools, and industrial standards of language C + +. In the compiler supports highly optimized C + + templates for parallel programming, processing, mathematical problems and support for multimedia libraries. The main innovation is the support of 11 versions of the latest technology 64-bit memory addressing Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T). Auxiliary tools for test code coverage and prioritization of testing helps to significantly reduce the period of testing and debugging applications. Intel ® C + + Compiler Professional Edition for Windows: The features you need to create high-performance multi-threaded apps for multi-core systems. Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio to protect your investment in how you develop. The Professional Edition offers a great price compared to the individual components. Intel ® C + + Compiler Professional Edition Components: The multi-threading and optimization technologies in Intel ® compilers and libraries give the Professional Edition its edge in helping you deliver high-performance applications for the latest multi-core processors. The Intel C + + Compiler for Windows is substantially standards compliant, including support for parallelization by means of OpenMP. Binaries are also substantially compatible with Microsoft Visual C + + binaries to support a mix and match interoperability capability. It also integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 and provides expanded 32-bit and 64-bit multi-core Intel processor support.


* Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio * 2005 and 2008

* Multi-Threaded Application Support including new in 11.0, OpenMP 3.0 (data-and now task-parallelism), and auto-parallelization for simple and efficient software threading.

* Auto-vectorization parallelizes code to utilize the Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) instruction set architectures (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, and SSE4) of our latest processors.

* High-Performance Parallel Optimizer (HPO) restructures and optimizes loops to ensure that auto-vectorization, OpenMP, or auto-parallelization make best use of cache and memory accesses, SIMD instruction sets, and multiple cores. Compiles in a single pass, improving compile-time and producing more reliable code.

* Interprocedural Optimization (IPO) dramatically improves performance of small-to mid-sized functions, especially in programs containing calls within loops. IPO analysis gives feedback on vulnerabilities and coding errors, such as uninitialized variables or OpenMP API issues, which cannot be detected as well by other compilers.

* Profile-guided Optimization (PGO) improves application performance by reducing instruction-cache thrashing, reorganizing code layout, shrinking code size, and reducing branch mispredictions.

* Intel ® Threading Building Blocks is an award winning C + + template library that abstracts threads to tasks to create reliable, portable and scalable parallel applications. Intel ® TBB is the most efficient way to implement parallel applications and unleash multi-core platform performance.

* Intel ® Math Kernel Library includes optimized and scalable math routines for maximizing performance and seamlessly provides forward scaling from current to future many-core platforms.

* Intel ® Integrated Performance Primitives is an extensive library of multi-core-ready, highly optimized software functions for multimedia data processing, and communications applications.

* New integrated, simplified installation gets you going with all capabilities quickly and easily. Simplified custom install makes it easy to identify just the components you want.

* Ongoing Premier Support now includes online community support forums to speed information flow, in addition to private, password-protected accounts. Technical support, interactive issues management, access to technical and application notes, product updates and more with every commercial and academic license.

With the compiler Intel C + + Compiler can maximize productivity. Built-in optimization technologies and multi-threading support help create code that is best done on modern multicore processors. Compiler Intel C + + Compiler for Windows is built on a winning basis. With it you can create a new generation of software for advanced equipment. Compiling software with a compiler Intel C + + Compiler for Windows has a number of additional optimization opportunities, some of which are briefly described below, and provides links to more detailed descriptions.

Intel compiler for C + + is fully compatible with Microsoft Visual C + + source-level and object code, and also offers improved compatibility with the development environment Microsoft Visual C + +. NET. This allows you to optimize existing applications by simply recompiling the source code, and to assemble applications from modules linked by different compilers. In addition, the Intel compiler can be connected to a rapid application development environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 as a subsidiary compiler, as well as the environment, Visual Studio. NET as an external add-ons.

Means interprocedural optimization (IPO) can significantly improve the performance of applications, including a large number of frequently used functions of small and medium-sized, especially for applications that contain function calls inside the loop. Optimization, manage profiles (PGO), allows to realize the benefits of micro-processor, use the swap instruction and resources to the cache with maximum efficiency, and more successfully predict the branching. Application performance is improved by restructuring the code, reducing its size and reducing the number of false predictions of branching.

Proactive sample data is an effective way to reduce delays when accessing memory. Users will be able to place in various parts of the program instructions for pre-selected links to relevant information. Thus, the data used are placed so close to the processor as possible (within the cache) and stored there until the moment when they become necessary. When working with applications that require the numerous calculations, it guarantees a significant increase in performance.

Support specification OpenMP 3.0 - the industry standard for developing portable multi-threaded applications - and the automatic parallelization of operations allow or effort to realize the advantages of multiprocessor systems and processors Hyper-Threading. Support for external tools and new processing technologies has resulted in the appearance of built-in tools to work with the new technology of memory addressing Intel EMT64 (Extended Memory 64 Technology) and the possibility of integration with a debugger, Intel Debugger.

Key features: - High-level optimization

- Interprocedural optimization

- Automatic parallelization of code

- Vectorization

- Separation of cycles in several threads

- Profiling optimization