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Designing a product requires more than just a great PCB layout tool * you need a tightly integrated design system. Expedition Enterprise provides this high level of integration, enabling all team members to work collaboratively and more efficiently. Expedition PCB is the technology leader for the creation of today*s most complex PCB designs.

Powered by AutoActive Technology

ExpeditionTM PCB, powered by AutoActive* technology, is an integral part of the tightly integrated Expedition Series. By combining ease-of-use with advanced functionality,

Expedition PCB offers designers the leading technology for the creation of today*s most complex designs. Expedition PCB includes interactive and customizable multi-pass

autorouting controls for design challenges such as differential pair routing, net tuning, manufacturing optimization and microvia and build-up technology.

CAM Output Manager

CAM Output Manager provides automated and customizable creation and distribution of manufacturing data that results in increased quality, accuracy and design throughput

General Features: * Combines ease-of-use with advanced functionality

* Integrated system design flow for layout, routing and complex design requirements

* Optimizes quality and manufacturing results

* Expedition PCB is the technology leader for the creation of todays most complex PCB Designs

* Superior system integration reduces ECO completion times and eliminates synchronization errors