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Download keygen for Foxit Phantom v2.2.0

Foxit Phantom

- a new program for viewing, editing and creating PDF documents. The program will be an excellent replacement for the famous monster of Adobe Reader. The main advantages of the program developers point to its small size, low start-up times and faster creation of PDF-documents. With the program you can also merge and split PDF documents, delete and insert new pages, create electronic forms and notes, and much, much more. The program allows you to convert almost all documents, which can be printed to PDF, including files of DOC, PPT, TXT, HTML and many others. Also, you can create PDF documents directly from a scanner, allowing no extra effort to create electronic versions of paper documents.

Features: "The more rapid creation of PDF document in comparison with other PDF tools

"The small size distribution and rapid speed run

"Creating PDF files from any file, suitable for printing

"Creating a PDF document directly from a scanner

"Editing and modifying the contents of PDF files

"Comparing two PDF files for the differences between them

"Add, delete or merge pages from multiple PDF files

"Creating and filling out electronic forms

"Protection of PDF documents password and certificates

"Adding digital signatures to PDF documents

Bug Fixes and Improvements in Foxit Phantom PDF Suite 2.2: Enhanced the security of digital signature to make sure the new version doesn't have the recently reported digital security flaw and keep valuable information from any possible exploits.

Supported ASLR & DEP which will be much harder for hackers to exploit any possible vulnerability.

Fixed the bug where wrong time and date are displayed on special stamp in certain time zones.