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Download keygen for Hakko Monitouch V-SFT v5.4

Our V-SFT configuration software is the only tool needed to develop applications for all Monitouch HMI platforms, including our Tellus HMI for Panel PC applications. Intuitive wizards & powerful functions designed to speed application development. The usability of the V-SFT interface makes parts and functions more accessible and easier to use. Creating or modifying applications can be done quickly and easily.

Powerful features: Alarming * Flexibility to configure & view alarming the way you want. Historical, Acknowledgement required, and by alarm priority. Our unique Alarm Tracking feature provides a tool for alarm history analysis. Easily track & view time of occurrence, frequency of occurrences, total accumulated time of occurrence, and more.

Data Logging * Easily configure data logging operations with flexibility previously only available with a PC and expensive SCADA package.

Recipes * Configure Recipes your on a CF card in CSV file format with Alpha Numeric recipe names. Our Recipe feature is designed for your entire recipe handling needs and remote accessibility.

Scripting * Intuitive Scripting for Mathematical, Statistical, Logical, Bit/Word and HMI control operations.

Multi Language * All text is automatically entered into a database and easily exported in CSV format for translation. Switch between up to 8 languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Central European, and many more.

Dual Driver Direct Data Mapping * Easily Map data between multiple devices over different protocols to improve application efficiency.

Web Server * Built in Web Server allows read/write access to the Monitouch HMI or any connected device from a Web Browser.

Time Saving Features

Multi Copy * Utility to easily copy data points and automatically increment data registers for quickly creating multiple data fields.

Custom Parts * Save Custom or edited parts to parts library for use in other applications

Screen Library * Easily create screen menu systems. Edit in one location and automatically update all screens it is used on.

Item View * Toolbar that allows easy viewing as a text list. It allows changing of all items used on the screen from a single location.

Batch Change * Re-maping a range of registers can be done simply and easily. Simply enter the range you want to change and the new address and you are done!