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Download keygen for Artlantis Studio v3.0.1

Abvent Artlantis Studio - a program that allows, in addition to constructing high-quality photorealistic images to shoot an episode, create QuickTime VR panoramas and QuickTime VR objects. In Artlantis Studio is fully implemented all its features Artlantis R and retained its interface. Artlantis Render is designed primarily for those professionals who require photorealistic image of the highest quality (architects, interior designers, urban planners). Artlantis Studio - is an ideal tool not only to create photorealistic images of high quality, but also for shooting movies or creating VR panoramas.

Whats New in Artlantis 3?

Media: Extensive online library of Artlantis different media.

Transparency billboards and plants: The developers have introduced a new transparency slider that will help set the transparency of billboards and 3D plants. With this feature, the user will be easier to work with the project.

Separation of components: Now it is possible to separate the components of the elements. Such elements can be stored in a separate internal or external (aof) component.

Editable "anchor": "Anchor" allows you to place and rotate objects and components.

Function search media: When you open a file, Artlantis 3 allows you to search, remove and replace the missing media components.

Managing layers: In Artlantis 3 has a new structure of layers: the scene, objects, 3D plants, lamps, animated objects, and billboards. You can also delete and create their own layers.

Automatic placement in layers: Function "default layer" allows you to specify a layer of "default" for each type of media.

Importing layers: A convenient feature for users of ArchiCAD is due to export ArchiCAD plug-in allows you to select layers for export to Artlantis.

Visibility depending on the form: For energy efficiency and increasing productivity, especially when working with large projects, it is possible to hide layers.

Lighting: In Artlantis 3, you can choose from 9 different types of light sources, access to which can be using the drop-down menu (Lights inspector). You can change the intensity, color, softness of shadows ... for all light sources.

Shader neon: Improved rendering performance and improved quality neon shader.

Radiosity: Designed specifically for architectural visualization, the new engine has to work even Radiosity tochnee.Otlichnoe kachestvo.Znachitelnoe improve the quality of rendering.

Options: Predefined settings for interior and exterior scenes will save a lot of time for novice users. For experts created a separate "Expert" interface.

Clouds: Creating animations of cloud motion through the use of adjustable parameters wind speed and direction.

Water: Create animated rivers, lakes, swimming pools, sea water using a shader.

Data: Exports to OBJ, FBX, U3D, DWF and SKP formats compatible with the Autodesk 2010 product line.

System requirements: -OS: Windows XP SP3 or Vista Home Basic 32 or 64 bit or Windows 7

-CPU: Intel Dual-Core vitesse 2,66 GHz or similar

-VIDEO: Graphic card: 128 MB OpenGL 1.4

-RAM: 4 GB

Language: English + Russian

Activation: yes

Size: 327 MB