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Download keygen for RockWare LogPlot v7.4.79.105

LogPlot - a program that is a complete solution for displaying vertical sections of wells for oil and mining industries. LogPlot can be used for all types of data - from development up to the surface of deep boreholes. Incisions can use a variety of scale and accompanied by text captions. The program has data import. For the purpose of disseminating the results of end-user free application designed specifically RockWare LogView.

Features display logs in LogPlot

Simple and convenient Log Designer

Extremely flexible, adapted to the large number of presets tool, called the Log Designer. When working with LogPlot Designer to quickly and easily using the mouse creates the necessary design elements for the logs - headings, footnotes, a separate box. This toolbar includes 9 tools to design headers and footnotes, plus 16 design tools most column

Easy to use data editor Data Editor

Represents a window table with data that can be entered and edited. Keys and the mouse you can highlight certain types of lithologic rock or soil. Print, paste, or import data. Editor Data Editor has the tools to automatically calculate the depth intervals, arithmetic operations, smoothing and filtering, as well as improved import LAS. The user gets access to the USGS and USCS lithologic hatching and keywords, users can use the national alphabets in the design of columns.

Easily create logs or lithological column

Having made the necessary settings, you open a data file, specify the scale, units, click OK, and the window LogView at a picture of your speakers and well logs


Free software is part of the program LogView LogPlot. Once installed on any computer that can open, print and export files of wells and well logs made in LogPlot

Print on one sheet or several

You can print on any printer or plotter, Installed on Windows as on a sheet of paper, and on roll paper

Exporting images

You can export the lithological column in the HTML table for easy viewing in the browser and easy dissemination of results. You can also export the incision in the Windows Metafile (wmf) or Enhanced Metafile (emf) formats. You can export a BMP and JPG images of individual pages of cuts.

Batch compilation

It creates a list of files with data that will be compiled into a graphic representation of drilling column, which can be printed or saved

LogPlot has been used by geoscientists since 1983 to display their geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud / gas, and mining data as a graphic boring log. LogPlot2003 offers almost unlimited flexibility for log layout via its easy-to-use, built-in Log Designer. With a WYSIWIG, point-and-click interface, Log Designer makes it easy to customize logs for different clients and projects. Field data can be entered using the keyboard, copy / paste, and / or import tools (LAS, ASCII, DBF). Multiple libraries of soil and rock types are included, and you can easily customize them to suit your company's needs. Compile the data in to the design at any vertical scale for singe-page, multi-page, or continuous logs. Distribute the free LogView program with your logs so your clients can view and print your actual logs. Or, create HTML log pages or JPG, BMP, WMF and EMF images. LogPlot2003 is offered with