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Download keygen for PICVideo M-JPEG 4 Codec v4.0.8.0

PICVideo M-JPEG 4 Codec -

quick video codec, allows even a relatively weak machine to capture streaming video with high resolution. Sticking encoding quality to maximum, we get excellent quality, suitable for further processing / editing and already the final compression, for example, in Mpeg4.

Technical Notes: *System Requirements - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server 2008

*Two codecs, separately optimized for use with 64-bit or 32-bit applications

*Designed for both novice and professional users

*Compatible with Adobe Premiere, Video for Windows, DirectShow, ActiveMovie, Ulead Media Studio applications, and more

High Speed Compression & Decompression: *Facilitates high-speed video editing through optimized compression and decompression

*Highly optimized for speed

*Adjust compression versus quality using the slider control, or specify the exact settings

*Create and view single or multi-field M-JPEG streams

*Choose interleave field order when compressing

*Automatically adjusts for most non-standard Motion JPEG streams

*Decompress all M-JPEG AVI files

*Patented, advanced deblocking available to improve quality of highly compressed video

Video Colorspaces: *Grayscale RGB8 M-JPEG streams

*Color RGB8, RGB555, RGB565, RGB24, RGB32 M-JPEG streams

*Planar YUV including IYUV/I420, and YV12 M-JPEG streams

*Packed YUV including UYVY, YUY2 M-JPEG streams

*Correctly encodes YUV

*Restores improperly encoded YUV videos during playback

*Adjust brightness & contrast during playback

Accessing Filters and Codecs: Software Developers: Integrate PICVideo MJPEG directly into your application with the PICVideo MJPEG Filter Graph SDK for Windows. C / C libraries supporting Linux, Mac, AIX, and Solaris are also available.