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Download keygen for SpaceClaim Engineer 2010 v6.0.0

The leading software solutions for the development of three-dimensional modeling tool designed for quickly creating concepts and editing geometry.

Company SpaceClaim Corporation under the leadership of Michael Payne, a former co-founder of PTC and one of the founders of SolidWorks, later worked as executive director of Spatial Corp. and chief technologist at Dassault Systemes., engaged razabotkoy innovative software to create and direct editing of solid-state 3D-models.

SpaceClaim Corporation markets the fastest and most innovative solutions in three-dimensional direct simulation, which made a quantum leap in engineering productivity. Software solutions company providing all the necessary tools for direct solid 3D modeling available to everyone, from experienced users and engineers and to developers, sometimes involved in the design. Global partners of SpaceClaim: Nokia, Siemens Networks, BorgWarner, Medtronic, Lotus Cars, Sharp, K2 Medical Systems, FuelCell Energy, Emhart Glass, GE Aviation, General Dynamics and the U.S. Navy. SpaceClaim is a privately owned company, with support from Borealis Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Engineers and designers constantly have to work with models derived from a variety of CAD-systems. While working with foreign models will inevitably have problems (errors rebuild) in mind that when you import models from different CAD-systems do not have full-readable models. Users working on models created in other CAD-systems often can not edit them. Users would have to work in the source systems, to change the model as required. In a worst case, spend time on the re-construction of the geometry, to be confident in the correctness of the construction.

SpaceClaim 2010 - easy to learn, fast and precise tool. You can import geometry from all major CAD systems and work with it as easily as if originally these models were created in SpaceClaim. Use SpaceClaim as a complement to existing CAD-systems, to simplify and accelerate the product development process. The work is equally fast and efficiently, regardless of whether you are creating a new geometry, analyze it, or editing. All actions carried out without disturbance or fear of the correctness of rebuilding the model.

Analysis of the concept of products at an early stage of the design process helps identify problems in design before, as their removal would be costly. Spaceclaim - powerful CAD-tools with which engineers, CAE-calculators, creators of the design documentation and other interested parties can quickly and effectively interact and design products at the highest level.

SpaceClaim works as a universal modeling tool, allowing users to quickly create products and achieve maximum efficiency in the following tasks: - Conceptual design

- Preparation of models for CAE-calculations

- Industrial Design

- Preproduction

Features and Benefits SpaceClaim 2010: - Familiar team of two-dimensional editing and design;

- Simple function to work in 3D: Pull (extrusion, drawing), Fill (filling), Move (move), logical operations, the functional establishment of curved surfaces, and much more;

- Select the type of documentation (detail, assembly, drawing, layout).

Features SpaceClaim 2010 - ease of use, flexibility, compatibility with traditional CAD systems. Therefore, thousands of users trust SpaceClaim in matters productive use of 3D modeling concepts, modeling products under a particular user in the early stages of project implementation, as well as in the preparation of the model.

Overview of new features in 2010 SpaceClaim 6.0: - New features for modeling mechanisms

Conditions of accommodation mechanisms support the function of contact, ball joints, gears (gears, tangential touch, attachment)

- Three-dimensional sketches

Direct three-dimensional drawing points, lines, grooves

- Advanced features for working with sheet metal

A new library and new forms, flat patterns, folding in three-dimensional objects, light configuration, engraving

- Preparing for the calculation

Selection of components in size for speed cleaning assembly of unnecessary components (the choice of components in size, improved tool "extension* (extend))

- Improved compatibility (import of data from major CAD systems on the fly ")

- Detailing

Detailed options are: customizable characters and symbols library, modular-grid coordinate system for use in automotive and aerospace industries

- Greater flexibility when working with large assemblies

- Improved API

Advanced Configuration own tools and interactive objects.

With new features SpaceClaim 2010 details can be found here:

Name: SpaceClaim 2010

Version: 6.0.0 (32bit/64bit)

Interface: English

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Seven