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Download keygen for Carrara 8 Prof v8.0.0.231

Carrara 8 Pro - popular tools for creating and rendering 3D-models and the preparation of high quality three-dimensional animation. The package contains many new tools and opportunities for professionals, students and enthusiasts of the three-dimensional graphics, including a three-dimensional drawing, multi-pass rendering and vertex modeling objects with links to other objects. In addition to an extensive set of tools for modeling and animation package offers a rich export opportunities created materials. COLLADA Export module allows you to export ready-made model and the scene for further processing in programs like DAZ Studio and Adobe Photoshop.

Carrara Pro 8 has a set of specific innovations and improvements. The professional version of the product offers support for 64-bit systems, Mac and Windows. A library of Bullet Physics Library will provide the possibility of more realistic simulation of the physical properties of soft and hard bodies. In its users would be modified by means of modeling lighting and more advanced tools to create interesting effects and management of direct light, such as God Rays and the Barn Door. According to numerous requests from users of the manufacturer also included in the package application Puppeteer, simplifies the creation of three-dimensional characters with realistic animation. A further demand innovation is enhanced support for network rendering.

A list of enhancements in Carrara version 8, includes an increased 200 performance rendering of complex scenes, enhanced support for data formats FBX and COLLADA, as well as multi-threading support for Mac and Windows, which can help reduce the load on the CPU when performing intensive computations . Users familiar with previous versions, will appreciate the advanced modeling of vegetation. Including Carrara 8 would use the custom model and texture to create unique leaves, flowers and fruits.

8 Carrara Pro-Render Node

Released: 2010

Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Language: English

Medician: Serial