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Download keygen for Paragon Partition Manager SE Personal v11.9887

Paragon Partition Manager SE Personal v11.9887 | 213MB

Paragon Partition Manager - tool to work with partitions, will completely control the hard drives and manage them. Due to the increased hard drive capacity grows and the need to adequately separate place for them. Easy to use tool for splitting a hard disk partitions from company Paragon Software, a optmalnym decision to restructure the drive and store information.

Key benefits and features: Creating, formatting, delete partitions. You can create, format and delete partition with any file system.

Express-partitioning. Create a new section in the appropriate location on your hard drive, reformat it and then make it available to the system.

Moving parts and change their size. You can remove the partitions and resize your hard drive.

Rapid change the partition size. Increase the free space in one section through the use of unused space in an adjacent section (including Sections Apple Boot Camp).

Additional Information: Paragon Softwares advanced partitioning tools help you completely control and manage your hard disks.

With growing hard drive capacity, the need to reasonably split up the space is more important than ever. This easy-to-use partitioning tool is ideal for re-structuring your hard disk for optimal and effective data storage

Name of Program: Paragon Partition Manager 1911 SE Personal build 9887

Program Version: 11 SE Personal build 9887

Latest version: Partition Manager 11 Professional

Language: English

Treatment: Complete

System requirements: Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Se7en

Compatible with Vista/Se7en: full

The procedure for treatment: 1. Open the file with any text editor key.txt

2. Start the installation

3. Copy to clipboard data from file key.txt and paste in the appropriate fields installer