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Download keygen for PDF Comparator v2.5.2

PDF Comparator 2.5.2 - Mac Os X | 32.1MB

PDF Comparator is a must for graphic designers. When you get deep in a project and realize you have more PDFs than you can count, PDF Comparator allows you to quickly skim the versions and review what changes have been made. It is invaluable in the rush of production.

What used to take hours to check and was still subject to user error is now brilliantly and flawlessly accomplished in minutes.

As with all software, PDF Comparator has a few known issues and limitations you need to be aware of. Because it relies on the operating system to render the PDFs being compared, it is subject to the same limitations as other apps that do the same. In general, PDF Comparator will see your PDFs exactly as the Finder,, or would. This means that certain things may be problematic: * Certain transparency effects may not be rendered correctly.

* Overprint attributes will not be honored.

* PDF Comparator cannot detect the differences between color spaces (e.g., 0R-0G-0B will not be distinguished from 0C-0M-0Y-100K).

WHATS NEW Version 2.5.2: * Fixed a bug involving PDF page rotations being ignored in some cases.


Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.