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Download keygen for MathType v6.7

MathType - professional tool to create documents containing mathematical formulas. Used in conjunction with any text editor, presentation or printing program. However, more MathType is focused on working with MS Word, in which it is integrated interface, replacing the Microsoft Equation Editor. By the way the formula editor that is included in Word, on closer examination turns out to be nothing more than how much truncated version of the MathType ...

Advantages: - MathType includes hundreds of mathematical and technical symbols and templates, which are in such numbers do not in any other editor.

- Support for professional color printing

- Convert documents to formats of scientific instruments printing formats, TeX and LaTeX, as well as scientific electronic format documents MathML

- Connecting to Microsoft Word and other popular text editors, in contrast to Equation Editor has dozens of additional features editing

- Special font Euclid for creating documents, using the classic LaTeX format

Details: - A new product from Design Science MathType - is professional version of Equation Editor Equation Editor, a well-known Microsoft Office users

- MathType is the best of independent software for creating mathematical formulas in the published print and electronic documents, presentations.

The procedure of treatment: when you install will ask for a name, organization and key, take the name and key from KeyGen.exe. In the United enter any value.

Language: Russian

Medicine: present

System requirements: - Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

- Microsoft Office 2010 * / 2007/2003/XP/2000

- 12 MB of free space on HDD