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Download keygen for Mitsubishi ASA v1.4.0.2

Mitsubishi ASA - Electronic parts catalog Mitsubishi ASA designed for vehicles included in the market of Europe, Asia, North America and Japan. Contains full information on spare parts and additional equipment for passenger cars and jeeps. In the catalog of auto parts present search by number-VIN, model number, name and details of applicability. Catalogs Parts Mitsubishi ASA - installed entirely on a hard drive.
Information updates:
Europe - upd179 (23.07.2010)
General - upd123 (19.02.2010)
Jap - upd238 (29.01.2010)
USA - upd134 (22.01.2010)

Help with installation:

For those who set MMC ASA for the first time - will have to do some more operations:
1. The place to upload a better place to choose a "permanent residence permit in the future, for example, drive D:;
2. After downloading the disk D: will be set up folders MMC \ ASA with four archives M00, M50, M60 and M80;
3. Unzip these files here - will be formed folders M00, M50, M60 and M80;
4. If you install the program on disk D: - copy the file from a folder ASAMAIN.INI asa_crk in the folder C: \ WINDOWS, if you choose not to install the drive D:, as, for example, drive E:, open the file ASAMAIN.INI editor ( Notepad, etc.) and replace it all D: to E:. Save the edited file under the same name, and again, put it in the folder C: \ WINDOWS;
5. Run the registry file from the folder asa_crk \ asa_crk - agree with the addition of information from him on the roster;
Further action by the example of MMC ASA Europe:
6. Go to the folder D: \ MMC \ ASA \ M60 \ PROG and send it to the desktop shortcut to the file ASA.EXE;
7. On re-create a shortcut - right click - properties - Object: append to the end of the line through a gap M60 - marking the main program folder (it should be so: D: \ MMC \ ASA \ M60 \ PROG \ ASA.exe M60);
8. Rename the shortcut to "MMC ASA Europe";
9. Sequentially repeat steps on p.6-8 on ASA.exe in folders M00, M50 and M80, renaming the labels on "MMC ASA Japan", "MMC ASA North America" and "MMC ASA General Export", respectively.
If everything has been done on the description and the program installed not on the D: drive when you start swearing, do the following:
a) When the program is, nevertheless, starts at the top left of the File-Setup window Direcrory of user settigs do to make it
F: \ MMC \ ASA \ M60 \ Users - OK (exit Setup) - Where "F:" - the drive letter on which you installed the program!!
b) quit
a) Try again to run the program.
9. USE!