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Download keygen for CodeLobster PHP Edition Pro 5.14.1

 Our goal is to create product which would simplify and speed up to the maximum process of developing full-featured web sites on php. For now, it includes all standard abilities for operating with code and many advanced features for PHP developing. Full description for all features you can find on Features tour page.
PHP, HTML, javascript, CSS code highlighting
PHP, HTML, javascript, CSS code collapsing
HTML autocomplete
* Autocomplete of tags, attributes for current tag, closing tags.
HTML code inspector
* Inspector makes it simple to find HTML elements buried deep in the page.
CSS autocomplete
* Autocomplete of style property names and values.
* javascript Advanced autocomplete
* Autocomplete of keywords, DOM elements and their properties.
PHP Advanced autocomplete
* This feature speeds up writing a code. Autocomplete includes wide selection of code completion listings.
* Lists are formed of both standard PHP and user’s classes, variables, functions, constants and keywords. Starting typing new element, lists of all possible variants for its completion are being displaying after $this-> and ClassName
PHP Debugger
* The Debugger is a package of tools that allows a developer debugging applications during developing process. Before running, you need to configure it. Set necessary values for the following options in Preferences menu (Tools–>Preferences–>Debugger):
* Virtual folder – path to a virtual project folder
* Virtual host URL – url of a virtual folder
* Path to php.ini – path to the php.ini file
* Server – Apache version running on your computer. You need to select from the list, which displays all Apache versions installed on your machine.