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Download keygen for TriSun Easy Work Time Calculator 7.0 Build 061

 Easy Work Time Calculator is a friendly worktime calculator. It can calculate/count the time consumption of your tasks by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and their sum and average. The numbers of date time elements are refreshed automatically on the main interface, and you can set the frequency of refreshing. With this program, you can Start, Rename, Delete, Pause, Continue and Stop your tasks, it provides you with a quick filter (according to task status (Started, Paused and Finished), start time (yesterday and today, last week) and an advanced filter (according to task name and custom start time) to show your tasks listing conveniently.
Basic usage:
1. Click the button when you start a new task A.
2. If task A is interrupted by other things (such as answering the phone, taking a coffee break), just click the button.
3. After the interruption, simply click the button.
4. Once task A is finished, click the button to stop counting time.
If you are a strict person, or you have the requirement about worktime management (voluntary or be required), or you just prefer recording the work time for some important tasks, it may be useful.
Whats New :
Features / Improvements
Important (I): fully supports native Nederlands.
I: can set the precision of every time element as zero (only contains integer).
I: changed the default font of the lists to Segoe UI, 9pt, more readable and friendlier.
I: all interfaces are more perfectly displayed under different DPI settings for different systems.
I: now can show the update history directly if the new version is available and you chose to view the updates (in previous versions, just only jump to the ‘Update History’ segment, but have not expanded it, you need to expand it manually to see the update history).
Optimized the English texts of software (interfaces and message boxes), especially, standardized the initial capital.
Added “Get free license key via translation” menu item to the “Help” button.
Optimized official website.
Optimized software texts.
Optimized internal efficiency.