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Download keygen for Dlubal RX-TIMBER 2.09.01

The stand‑alone program package RX‑TIMBER designs glued‑laminated beams, continuous beams, and columns at the ultimate and the serviceability limit state according to the timber standard EN 1995‑1‑1:2010‑12/NA:2013‑08 (EC 5) and DIN 1052:2008‑12 . In addition, it is possible to perform fire resistance design according to EN 1995‑1‑2 or DIN 4102, Part 22.
RX-TIMBER is a DLUBAL program family that meets specific demands in timber engineering. With the programs included in the RX-TIMBER package you can design glued-laminated beams, continuous beams, columns, frames, purlins and bracings. The governing result combinations are created automatically with the add-on module RF-COMBI that is integrated in RX-TIMBER. All of the RX-TIMBER programs are able to perform the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design.
Whats New:
- A new version of RX-TIMBER has been released. Corrections and extensions concerning the entire program family RX-TIMBER can be found in the update report for RX-TIMBER Glued-Laminated Beam.