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Download keygen for Truck Explorer

Truck Explorer is a first tool, which lets you to read/write full memory of PLD (MB Truck ECU) over OBD diagnostic port.

Some info regarding Truck Explorer:

It's a first tool, which lets you to read/write full memory of PLD (MB Truck ECU) over OBD diagnostic port. Safe and fast! Besides, it lets you to work with immo+key, VeDoc, FDok, DAS password, etc.) easily!

Unique tool on the market for special operations on Mercedes-Benz, MAN, MAZ, CLASS (SCANIA, VOLVO will be soon), trucks and buses. It allows to read/write FLASH and EEPROMs from MR (PLD/FFR/PTM) control unit, program new keys, calculate VeDoc (X1, X2, X8...) and FDOK (XT, XN) access codes. All operations are done via OBD and offline, no internet connection required.

Software is based on different types of licenses:
  • MEMO: for work with memory only (Flash and EEPROMs).
  • KEYS: IMMO transponder learning, erasing from PLD memory
  • CALC: authorization code calculation (VeDoc/Fdok/DAS password).

FIRST IN THE WORLD!! SUPPORT OF NEWEST TRUCKS FROM 2011 YEAR (Continental PLD ECU without external flash, MCU XC2287).

New functions:
  • Fault codes read/clear for all ECUs
  • FDOK offline calculator (without connection to the truck)
  • Added explanations for some internal error codes
  • "Analyse & Read all" operation for MR memory
  • "Software update" button for new software check online. Firmware update is included too.
  • Vmax correction (automatic truck speed limiter correction). Speed limit change will not work for speed limitation and will damage FR3 module EERPOM.
  • Erase emmision faults - no password required. NEW!
Model coverage:
  • Mercedes-Benz trucks: ACTROS, ATEGO, AXOR, ECONIC. 1996-2011
  • Mercedes-Benz buses: EvoBUS, CITO, CITARO. 1996-2011
  • Claas harvesters, forage harvesters, balers, mowers, rakes, tedders and other harvesting machines with Mercedes-Benz PLD (ECU) supported over DirectConnect cable connection.
  • Other various kinds of commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, local on-site transport facilities and agriculture with Mercedes-Benz PLD (ECU).
  • MAN
  • MAZ