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The future of enterprise-class virtual data protection is here. Symantec NetBackup 7.6 with V-Ray Technology delivers the performance, automation, and manageability necessary to protect virtualized deployments at scale - where thousands of VMs and petabytes of data are the norm today, and where software-defined data centers and IT-as-a-service become the norm tomorrow. Enterprises trust Symantec.
New Features
Front Office for NetBackup
This feature along with NetBackup creates a Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution for corporate customers and Managed Solution Providers (MSP). Through a partnership with Biomni, Symantec now has full self-service and multi-tenancy capabilities for any NetBackup environment. Connection to MSP platforms
Multi-tenant, allowing different owners to request NetBackup services through one portal
Physical & Virtual Machine detection and protection
Virtual Machine, Granular file & folder restore
NetBackup Accelerator for VMware
This feature uses Accelerator technology to speed up virtualization backups, delivering a full backup image in the time it takes to complete an incremental backup. Leveraging VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) and NetBackup Accelerator, only changed blocks of data are transferred from client to media server. Up to 35x faster backups to better meet service level agreements without sacrificing recovery
Less strain on infrastructure because less data is being transmitted
NetBackup Replication Director for VMware
This feature enables integrated end-to-end control for the management and recovery of array-based snapshots and replicated snapshots. Customers running datastores on NetApp filers can now leverage NetApp snapshot technology to protect their virtual environments, without going outside of the NetBackup environment or giving up standard granular recoverability. Protect 300 virtual machines in 300 seconds
Improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) from snapshots and better recovery time objectives (RTOs) from NetBackup and granular restore capabilities
Unified policy management that stretches the entire data lifecycle
Simplified, single pane of glass for monitoring, alerting and reporting
NetBackup Instant Recovery for VMware
This feature allows you to instantly power on any protected VM from backup storage, making it 100% available with no disruption of service. 400x faster virtual machine restores
Significantly improved recovery time objectives (RTOs)
Support with all Symantec disk-based solutions
VMware vCloud Director Support
Automatically discover and protect newly provisioned VMs in both public and private vCD deployments with vCloud Director Backup API integration. Enhance recoverability to restore entire vApps with NetBackup's award-winning V-Ray technology. Data center transformation enablement without the risk of unprotected data or systems
Oracle Policy Framework for NetBackup 7.6
NetBackup automatically discovers Oracle instances requiring backup and deploys the appropriate policies to protect them. Simplified backup scheduling
Elimination of the need to manage scripts
Targeted Auto Image Replication (AIR)
Enhanced disaster recovery (DR) flexibility through selecting which target domains to replicate to and inherit the retention characteristics of any of those domains. The need to keep the retention level of the source domain is eliminated. Increased efficiency with available resources
Ability to customize disaster recovery (DR) plans to better satisfy needs and requirements
BMR Integrated Physical to Virtual (P2V)
With a single click, recover physical servers over to virtual machines. Those servers can remain as virtual machines, or they can be converted back to physical servers as needed using BMR. Better recovery time objectives (RTOs)
Ability to meet stringent disaster recovery (DR) SLAs
Less OPEX by leveraging disaster recovery (DR) over a virtual environment
Key Features One platform, one console unifies virtual and physical global data protection
Unified global management of snapshots, replicated snapshots, backup, and recovery
Backup and appliance integrated, scalable global deduplication across virtual and physical
V-Ray one pass backup, instant image and single file restore for virtual and physical
Automated virtual data protection and load balanced backup performance
Key Benefits Unified enterprise-class virtual and physical data protection eliminates point products, offers better visibility, leverages resources, and reduces cost, complexity, and risk when virtualizing mission-critical applications
V-Ray lets you search and recover a single file from an image backup in minutes instead of a manual mount, search, and restore that can take hours or even days
Simplified management and faster recovery of snapshots and replicated snapshots from anywhere in the backup environment
Always on protection of new, moved, or cloned VMs eliminates uncertainty and overloading of hosts during backups
NetBackup intelligent deduplication reduces storage costs with dedupe rates as high as 98% while optimizing backup performance and resources with flexible "end-to-end" deployment options
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