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Download keygen for Acronis Universal Restore 2015 11.5 Build 38938

Acronis Universal Restore - provides flexible disaster recovery and migration systems. With the help of Acronis Universal Restore, you can quickly and accurately restore data from one server to any other physical or virtual server, provided that the equipment source and destination servers based on the architecture of x86. Instead of looking for identical equipment and spend a lot of time to configure it, you can just quickly restore your server to a certain operating state, while minimizing downtime, and realizing key business processes.
Key features:
Restoration of a failed computer to a different hardware or to virtual machines in minutes.
Transfer systems in a "physical-virtual", "virtual-physical", "physical-physical" or "virtual-virtual" in order to restore, testing, and so on. N.
Driver installation of new equipment and replacement level of HAL to boot the computer after changing the motherboard or hard disk controller, or to transfer the hard drive to another machine.
Clone and deploy operating systems, regardless of the equipment.