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Download keygen for Native Instruments Marble Rims 1.0.0 Maschine Expansion-R2R

MARBLE RIMS delivers low-riding rhythms and West Coast urban attitude to MASCHINE
- Wide range of expressive instruments
- Exclusive recordings from live sessions
- Expansive collection of kits and customizable patterns
Hop in and lay low for the ride. MARBLE RIMS brings the laid back beats and funked-out flavor of West Coast urban groove to MASCHINE.
From old school to contemporary Golden State vibes, MARBLE RIMS offers sampled vintage gear, synths, and staple analog drum machines. Plus exclusive live-recorded instruments played by iconic kingpins of SoCal hip hop all bursting with sun-drenched California flavor.
Discover a wide tonal spectrum behind the pads with a total of 40 lovingly-sampled instruments. Just the right rhythmic and melodic tools for low-riding West Coast productions.
Thick analog synth leads, basses, poly-synths, soulful pianos, guitar licks, and more come alive with stunning realism and unparalleled playability. All made possible by the latest MASCHINE 2 software.
MARBLE RIMS features exclusive sampled recordings and from an A-list of key musicians and producers from the urban West Coast the masters of the genre. Fully customizable kits from these key players take you straight to the heart of the SoCal sound, adding rude authentic character.
- Live recorded guitar licks by Marlon Williams of Warren G fame
- Pattern-based rhythms by beat virtuoso Dae One
- Drum samples designed by Hallway Productionz, Amplified, and Dae One
- MIDI sequences played by keyboardist legend Kenneth Crouch
Many sounds were sampled directly from instruments essential to California hip hop. Choose from a variety of time-tested and contemporary urban sounds recorded from a Fender Rhodes Mark 1, Prophet 5 and Minimoog Model D, and equalized through high-end vintage EQs for extra body.
Or jam on a 1978 Gibson Les Paul custom and a 1978 vintage Fender Stratocaster played by the hands of Marlon Williams. MARBLE RIMS delivers the goods straight from the source.