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Download keygen for Windows 8.1 Enterprise Original

Original clean version trilingual interface and updates on June 20, 2014
Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 Update, c integrated official Microsoft updates and that given the choice between languages ??Russian, Ukrainian and English.
Windows 8.1 Enterprise - the most complete version, which solves all the needs of the user, includes all the features of Windows, including all that is included in the Home Premium and Enterprise, without having to enter into a separate license agreement.
Year: 2014
Official site:
By assembling: D! Akov
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Bit: x86/x64
Treatment: Present (separate KMSAuto Net 1.2.8 2014)
Basic characteristics and features of Windows 8:
Unified interface for Windows 8 tablets, notebooks and desktops. The main screen of Windows 8 looks the same on tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The new Metro interface is optional, which means that it can be disconnected and replaced with a standard desktop Windows, familiar to us from the beginning of the 90s. Benefits same Metro that it is easy and convenient. Perfectly adapted to the touch screen. And the feeling of ease and convenience comparable to a conventional tablet. Metro is not no way limits the ability of the user, and its component icons and tiles can be both static images and constantly changing dynamic elements, which is useful for a news or weather. After all, the most important thing is always displayed on the main screen. By the way, the view Aero desktop has not remained unchanged. For example, a color theme will now be changed dynamically, and adjust the tone of the current wallpaper.
Intuitive navigation and tightly integrated applications. You can change the position, color and size tiles (plitochek that make up the interface Win8 Metro). But, do not worry. No matter how you changed the position of tiles, the overall appearance of the interface does not change. Unlike the majority of applications for smartphones, applications in Windows 8 which are closely related: for example, album embedded application can directly transfer photos to an independent client application Facebook.
Rethinking multitasking. Multitasking Windows 8 at the same time not only helps to keep in mind a few computer or tablet applications, but also to share information between running applications. As the clipboard, only better! And multitasking Windows 8 allows you to display multiple applications on the same screen of a smartphone or tablet. Android and iOS users is not even dream!
One store Windows Store for all devices. All applications for Windows 8 are created using open web standards HTML5, javascript and CSS3, and is not sensitive to the screen resolution. This means that the same application will look great on the screen and a huge plasma screen, and on a tiny little screen tablet or mobile phone.
Backward compatibility with Windows 7. All applications that work on Win7, will work on computers with Win8. A familiar desktop will be available through the tile on the main screen Win8. There also may be put labels call any normal application.
Ribbons Ribbons Explorer Windows Explorer. Microsoft tirelessly promotes tape Ribbons, which were introduced in Office 2007 and replaced by a familiar set of icons. Ribbons Ribbons will now be integrated into the conductor even Windows Explorer. Users of the old school will hardly be retrained - most of them anyway use hotkeys and a context menu invoked by clicking the right mouse button. What to newcomers, they adapt to this interface will be easier. In addition, large icons on ribbons Ribbons are perfect for touch interfaces, because it is much easier to get a finger.
Assistant Copy Assistant in Task Manager Task Manager. Happened what we did not expect. Recycled clipboard and a task manager, so that Windows 8 has become possible to copy multiple files in fixed sequence, while visually tracking speed and time to complete the operation. As to the process manager, then all processes in the now marked with different colors for visual readability.
Effective use of USB 3.0 and work with ISO-images out of the box. Windows 8 will have access to content ISO-files without having to install additional programs such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol 52% / 120% or etc. Also, Windows 8 will offer integrated support for USB 3.0 without the need to install additional drivers.
Cloud Service Windows-Sync through Live ID. Service recently announced Windows 8 Cloud Connection will be presented in several roles: all applications, settings and personal information can be synchronized with Windows Live. Purchase a new device with Windows, login with your Live ID, and your usual work environment is automatically loaded from the cloud service. It also simplifies access to files on a remote computer - to make the connection, you will be only one browser.
"Red button" Windows 8 or the new Windows 10 minutes. Windows 8 offers two key improvements in terms of safety: Windows 8 Secure Boot prevents operation of the malicious code to be run before loading the OS. A "red button" Reset Button will reinstall Windows 8 without actually reinstalling, restoring the OS to its original state just ten minutes. In addition to the "red button" Reset Button, which can cause at boot OS, you can also resort to the function Refresh, zeroed itself OSes only, and does not affect your personal files and installed applications. Among other features - support UEFI instead of BIOS, full access to Xbox Live, a three-dimensional interface Wind etc.
Are based on the original images
At installation it is possible to select a language: English or Russian
Integrated the official updates from Microsoft (except regarding Windows Defeneder and. Net Framework) on 25.04.2014.
User Account Control (UAC) is turned off. Included it as much as possible - so that applications can run Metro.
Some automation installation: do not accept the license agreement, sewn key, but still requires activation, which is in this publication
Checksums ISO-image x86:
CRC32: 6A171F00
MD5: 11950648283A9175FBEC716CE1DF37FE
SHA-1: 2B8D66D39D367C53818EB78E82CC820BCB4763AC
Checksums ISO-image x64:
CRC32: 9673EAE8
MD5: 8B818048929BA937310A9DCE647B77AD
SHA-1: 1A748EF7B1D0338EF115ED31AE07DB9CC6F4245A
System requirest:
* Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher.
* RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for the 32-bit version or 2 GB for 64-bit version.
* Free hard drive space: 16 gigabytes (GB) for the 32-bit version or 20 GB for 64-bit version.
* Graphics card: graphics device Microsoft DirectX 9 or later.
* Additional requirements to use certain features.
* To use the touch capabilities requires a tablet or monitor that supports multitouch.
* To access the Windows Store to download and run applications that require an active internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.
* To bind the application requires a screen resolution of at least 1366x768