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Download keygen for Pegasus PICVideo M-JPEG Codec 4.0.7

PICVideo lets you compress and decompress M-JPEG video files better and faster than any other available codec! Ideal for viewing Motion JPEG files on Windows Media Player. M-JPEG is also used in video editing applications because it describes each individual frame completely. The PICVideo M-JPEG Codec includes a Microsoft Video for Windows interface and a Microsoft DirectShow Transform Filter interface. It is the only codec optimized for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
Additional information:
Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) is one of the simplest algorithms of compression: each frame is compressed to about 5 times. This algorithm is reminiscent of the regular archivers or compression of JPEG images.
When using software encoder M-JPEG compression video can be installed manually, getting the output stream from 6 to 60 GB per hour. For comparison - in hardware encoders M-JPEG, built-in capture card, the compression is usually fixed at level 1:5, which gives us about 12 GB per hour.
Software features:
2 separate bit codec optimized for 32 - bit or 64-bit applications
Suitable both for beginners and for professional users
Compatible with Video for Windows, DirectShow, ActiveMovie, applications, iuVCR, VirtualDub, Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio and many other
Supported color modes video streams:
Grayscale RGB8
Color RGB8, RGB555, RGB565, RGB24, RGB32
Planar YUV, including IYUV/I420 and YV12
Packed YUV, including UYVY, YUY2
Correctly encodes YUV video, restores incorrectly encoded YUV video during playback
Adjusting the brightness and contrast during playback
Adjust the compression level using the slider or by specifying the exact settings manually
The possibility of creating and viewing interlaced (1 field/field) or progressive (2 fields) video, the choice of the sequence of fields when encoding
Auto adjust for most non-standard Motion JPEG streams
Decodes all format files/"container" AVI format video M-JPEG
To access the advanced settings decoding to improve the quality of the highly compressed video
Installing and treatment procedures:
1. Install the codec from escalator Pegasus PICVideo M-JPEG v4.0.7 (x86).exe or Pegasus PICVideo M-JPEG v4.0.7 (x64).exe depending on the bitness of your OS. It is recommended to set the 32-bit version of the codec (x86)because many programs for editing digital video work in 32-bit mode and will not "see" 64-bit encoder.