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Download keygen for Reality 3.1

Prt--3D - aka developer Paolo Ciccone - has released an update to Reality, its plugin for using the physically based LuxRender render engine natively within Poser.
Reality 3 for Poser marks a new milestone for Prt--3D as this version relies on a new Poser add-on framework that has been designed in a cooperation between Prt--3D and the Poser development team.
This Add-on Framework, released in Poser 9/Pro 2012 SR3, provides a new level of integration for Poser plug-ins that was not available before. Reality 3 is the first plug-in that takes advantage of the Framework. We are honored to have had the opportunity to help shape this new technology for Poser
What's new in Reality for Poser 3.1: reality-poser-3-1-released
About Prt--3D
Programs like Poser and DAZ Studio brought 3D Art to the masses. Past are the days when we had to spend a fortune to use 3D technology.
How is it, though, that some rendering technologies are still so expensive? And why some of those programs are so hard to use?
The name Prt--3D is a pun on the famous Prt--porter expression, the "ready to wear" of the fashion industry. We make software that enable you to access high-end rendering features without spending a fortune. It's "3D ready to wear."
We call it "the end of the high-end envy" and we work very hard to make our software very artist-friendly so that you spend more time doing fun things and less time dealing with technicalities.
The Reality plugin is our main product, a program that works with Poser and DAZ Studio and that enables those two apps to render with LuxRender. While LuxRender is a very complex software, using some of the most sophisticated physics-emulation on the planet, you don't have to worry about it because Reality takes care of all the "gory details" for you. That's the Prt--3D philosophy.
Reality for Studio was released to the public on August 27th 2010. It became an immediate success among Studio users and prompted a popular demand for a Poser version. On April 8th 2013 we released Reality 3 for Poser.