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Download keygen for VBA Password Bypasser 4.5

VBA Password Bypasser by Thegrideon Software is advanced tool for VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) project / macro protection removal. With VBA Password Bypasser you can open any protected VBA Project. The program's main advantage is the ability to bypass VBA protection of any Visual Basic projects whatever the main program is: MS Office (Access, Excel, Word, ...), WordPerfect Office, AutoCAD, etc.
VBA Password Bypasser Features:
VBA password bypassing technology - file modification is not required.
Bypasses "Project Locked" - "Project is Unviewable" protection.
Applicable to VBA Projects in all VBA-featured documents:
MS Office 97 - 2013, Visio, FrontPage, AutoCAD, WordPerfect, etc.
Custom command lines to start a file or an application.
New MS Office 2013 x32 and x64 editions are supported.
Windows 8 Compatible.
OS : Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Language : English
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