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Download keygen for DigiCel FlipBook ProHD 6.93

DigiCel FlipBook ProHD 6.93 |8.46 MB
DigiCel FlipBook FlipBook makes cel animation easier I can not seem to figure out why this app costs that much big amount of money, however you will have to check the developer site to find out more.
Whether You Do 2D, 3D or Stop Motion Animation, DigiCel FlipBook Makes Animation Easier! The Animators at Every Major Animation Studio Use FlipBook! 9 Out of 10 Professional Animators Use FlipBook To Make Their Own Films! The Top Animation Schools in the World Use FlipBook!
2D Animation
FlipBook is the only 2D animation software that is designed entirely from the ground up to do 2D animation the way professional animators are used to doing it. That why the professional animators at every major animation studio and the teachers at the best animation schools demand FlipBook. Other programs may be alright if all you want to do is ink & paint but animators use FlipBook.
3D Animation
FlipBook helps 3D animators do better animation faster. It's much faster to sketch your key frames and work out your timing in FlipBook than to spend time posing complicated rigs. In FlipBook you can adjust the timing of your key frames with real-time feedback. Directors and teachers can sketch right over your key poses to show you how to improve the animation. Then you can import your scenes into any 3D package to use as reference so you only have to pose your models once. That way you only have to deal with the complexity of your 3D package in what becomes your final clean-up stage.
Stop Motion Animation
Stop Motion may be the easiest way to do animation and FlipBook is great for stop motion too. Just aim your camera and start clicking. FlipBook's onion skin feature lets you see the previ ous frame while you're posing the next frame. And to really get a feel for the movement, you can step back through the previous frames and then forward into the live image. You can even play the scene in real-time, pausing on the live image to see how it will look and you can drop out the background and replace it with anything you want.
DigiCel FlipBook lets you draw right on the computer with your mouse or tablet. Or you can draw on paper, like the pros, and then scan or shoot your drawings into FlipBook and play them back instantly with sound. FlipBook also provides specially designed tools to help you paint your drawings quickly and easily without having to learn or go through a lot of difficult steps. You can also add pans and zooms and then output movies that you can post on the internet or play on TV.