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Download keygen for Spitfire Audio BML HORN SECTION VOLUME 1

After the delights of enormous brass libraries and ensembles, providing broad brush stroke approaches to writing, which have characterised recent film, gaming and TV music to some extent, Spitfire are at last proud to present some of the greatest brass players in the world to provide you with the tools you need to write detailed and focussed horn parts that have a personality and style that represents your personality, that expresses your creative will and provides you with fresh pastures of experimentation.
Spitfire presents the BML Horn Section.
Part of a new, long-term project entitled THE BRITISH MODULAR LIBRARY providing composers with the ability to add fine detail, musical expression, beauty and focus to their work. To write music that musicians love to play and to get the most out of smaller ensembles and the wealth of timbral colour and character they can add to any project. After many years of development experience Spitfire will present this library with a user interface and set of features unprecedented in any library to date. With 7 mic positions, recorded at 96k through vintage valve and ribbon mics to tape through Neve premaps and Prism convertors, and presented at 48k, 24bit in Kontakt format, and additionally three extremely useful mixed versions presented in Stereo and 5.1 Surround.
Horn Section is presented in modular volumes and consists of the finest players London has to offer, playing in the hall at Air Studios, regarded as one of the greatest scoring stages in the world.
Three of the most exceptional horn players in the UK, and arguably in the world, recorded as an ensemble of two and solo. Both sets of recording feature a deep sampled and highly detailed set of articulations:
Articulation List:
- Longs
- Legato slurred
- Shorts Marcato
- Shorts Tenuto
- Shorts Staccato
- Longs
- Legato slurred
- Legato Tongued
- Longs Cuivre (Brassy)
- Longs "Bells Up"
- Longs stopped
- Shorts Marcato
- Shorts Tenuto
- Shorts Staccato
- Shorts "Bells Up" Staccato
- Shorts "Bells Up" Longer short
- Double Tongue (w&w/o end accent)
- Triple Tongue (w&w/o end accent)
- Quadruple Tongue (w&w/o end accent)
- Falls (Fast and Slow)
- Rips (Fast and Slow)
- Trills major
- Trills minor
Enjoy the languid beauty of the solo horn, or the beautiful choral quality of our section of 2. Want more? Simply add back in the solo for 3 players, or combine with Albion 1's mid range brass for a whole squadron!
In order to gain the detail we all so desperately want from our samples, BML is sampled with smaller sections. Based on the assumption that more than one note is played at a time. So with our small section, if you play two notes, you have 4 players; and if you play a triad, you have 6. With larger libraries where up to 8 horns are recorded you often find a simple c major chord played by over 24 horns..... obliterating any chance of hearing the individual players. As with "Sable" and "Flute Consort" The BML Horn Section brings your arrangements into sharp focus.
This library is currently in production and is due for release later in the year. Please subscribe to our Calendar for advance news of progress and release discount opportunities.