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Download keygen for JetBrains dotCover 2.5.574.60

JetBrains dotCover - a software for the analysis of the test coverage in the code and allow the developer to find out what percentage of code covered by unit testing or testing in the course of execution. JetBrains dotCover solution is a new addition to the family of products, the company JetBrains to develop technology applications. NET. DotCover product offers features such as integration with the procedure unit testing package ReSharper Test Runner. JetBrains dotCover supports the generation of XML-reports.
DotCover tool can measure how much of the code is covered by tests, which allows you to see the potential points of failure in the code. Unlike the tools for monitoring the test coverage that came with the package Visual Studio, dotCover supports most open technologies such as NUnit, xUnit, MSpec, MSTest, etc. If you do not use unit testing, we can use the function to analyze the application dotCover run-time. While the application determines which parts of the code are called and which remain intact in the standard scenarios.
To automate the test code coverage mechanism can Console Runner, which is part of dotCover - this mechanism allows components to run dotCover directly from scripts to build your application. Additional tool for bypass dotCover snippets of test coverage, test whether the assembly or something else. If necessary, you can quickly specify which parts of the code will be covered by testing. DotCover tool displays all tests that cover a specific fragment. Tight integration with the development environment allows you to use the code without switching tools or changing work context.
Company Formation producing software JetBrains has introduced a new version of the utility to analyze code coverage NET.prilozheny unit tests.