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Download keygen for Astute Rasterino 1.0.1

Astute Rasterino 1.0.1 (Windows/MacOSX) | 3.8/3.2 Mb
Crop Image Tool
No more frustration with having to control embedded images with clipping masks. This tool offers instant and direct control over true cropping of embedded images, giving you the required result and reduced file sizes.
In-line editing and re-linking embedded images
Directly edit in your favourite package, such as PhotoShop, all types of embedded image with the single click of a button. Once edited you can immediately update the image back in Illustrator. Alternatively, re-link one or more embedded images with speed.
Trim and numerically crop
Automatically trim away excess embedded image boundaries with the trim function.
The additional crop function allows you to numerically and precisely control the true cropping of any embedded image.
Set resolution
Annoyed with seeing an image's resolution but can't control it directly? Now, simply type in the dpi and go! May be applied to embedded and linked images.
Rasterino Tools
- Crop Image Tool (interactive)
- Re-link embedded one or multiple images (PSD format)
- In-line editing of embedded images
- Trim Image(s)
- Crop image (numerically)
- Specify resolution of image on artboard precisely (embedded and linked images)
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