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Download keygen for Astute InkScribe v1.5.1 for Adobe Illustrator

Use Inkscribe to replace the Pen and its related tools, and it will revolutionise the way you draw precise and calculated shapes. The tool offers a smooth transition for experienced users to gain more freedom, power and time savings when meticulously drawing in vector. But it will also help those new to Illustrator to concentrate on the creative process rather than which keypress to aim for.
For example, are you looking to make straight lines into curves? We've introduced Ghost Handles - handles that appear when you draw a straight line. With just one drag of the mouse, ghost handles transform into bezier handles, changing the line into a curve.
You no longer have to waste time with key-presses when you want to specify corner or smooth points. Whether you're at the initial design stage, or fine-tuning your artwork, InkScribe offers various quick methods to alternate between point types.
InkScribe Tool highlights Intuitive
Complex key press combinations not required
Reduce drawing time by 30%
Panel and annotations for quick function access
Ghost Handles
Drag-reshape segments
Smart Remove points
Smart Smooth (convert cusps to smooth)
Connector mode
Angle and distance constrains
Preferences - choose the way you want to work