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Download keygen for BioShock Infinite v1.1.22.46499 Update

Genre: FPS
2K Games and Irrational Games announced BioShock new chapter "BioShock 3: Unlimited (BioShock Infinite)". The story takes place in 1912, and this time is no longer a place of Rapture, but a huge air of the city Columbia. Initially the game is set in the United States as the world's hegemon, Columbia in a very distant place. Because of a failed attempt to lead the city disappeared in the clouds, I do not know where to go. The role players for the former Pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt, he came to this lost city to rescue a young age was a girl here ** Elizabeth. He and Elizabeth Song of the city is falling, so they want to escape this city together. DeWitt must fight the enemy in the air at high speed, as well as indoor fight fighting cloud, will get more new weapons and abilities. 2K president Christoph Hartmann said: "We are very pleased to get a lot of praise and love this game" Bioshock "With the new work, and we believe that Irrational Games will be in a very strict attitude towards every detail, so that the" BioShock 3: Unlimited " able with the "Bioshock" as a an outstanding work, attract more hardcore gamers. "