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Download keygen for Peugeot.Citroen Navteq My Way Europe.Morocco 2012.2013

Description: Navigation for Citroen MyWay / Peugeot Wip Nav 2012-2013 + radars (as of 03.2013) for established media centers (see spoiler).
Folder "database" showered in the root of your SD card with 16GB of volume that is formatted with a fat32 64kb cluster. It is advisable to change the ID card (eg program MiniTool Partition Wizard) on FC303DA9. Insert the card into the slot off the radio (engine is off, the ignition is switched off), gets auto, push button NAV, wait for the download.
If navigation is not loaded, then do a system reset:
Button Setup - Pressing "1", "2", "3" - choose the central 'Twister' radio section "" Settings "- then choose" System Reset (Reboot) "- press the center" krutilki "- waiting for reboot.
All the action is recommended to perform at the institution car.
Later, while working navigation, SD card must be in the slot permanently.
Extras. Information: Due to the fact that the system RNEG (in Russia is not officially available) and RT outwardly indistinguishable, watch the radio firmware in Setup -> Sistem -> Software Version.
There must be something out:
RNEG 40.03 R40b
RNEG 33.09 R33b
RNEG 29.01 R29a
RNEG 27.01 R27bis
RNEG 20.16 R20h
If your firmware is below RNEG 40.03 R40b, you can upgrade it (is in the hand), but I did not notice any differences from earlier versions:
Compatible with: PEUGEOT WIP NAV (only RNEG! RT3/4/5 for not coming!)
207 11.2008 ->
207SW -
207CC -
3008 04.2009 ->
308 11.2008 ->
308SW -
308 CC 10.2008 ->
407 -
407 SW -
5008 10.2009 ->
807 11.2008 ->
Expert 01.2009 ->
Partner B9 -
CITROEN MyWay SD Card System
Berlingo B9 05.2008 ->
C3 Picasso 03.2009 ->
C4 10.2008 ->
C4 Picasso (5p./7p. B58) 11.2008 ->
C5 NEW X7 11.2008 ->
C8 01.2009 ->
Year / Date of Release: 2012
Version: 1.1
List of countries on the disk: Republic / Slovenia / Ukraine / Czech Republic / Estonia / Finland / France / Croatia /
Russia NO (and is not expected for this system).
Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, etc.
Russian NO and is not expected ...