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OptimumKinematics has been developed with the goal of providing users with a powerful kinematics tool that is both easy to use, and easy to integrate into your existing workflow.It can be used to rapidly simulate the kinematic properties of a suspension design, providing detailed output and visualization for a broad range of output channels. OptimumKinematics builds upon the success of OptimumK, providing more scope for different suspensions, a greater selection of output channels and greater modularity between designs. The ability to animate and visualize motion, compare multiple suspension simulations back to back and import and output data in a standard format (for use in Microsoft Excel or MATLAB) all remain.
Key features
- Intuitive user-friendly layout that is split into three sections design, motion and analysis enables you to work faster and smarter.
- Interactive 3D visualizations that allows for easy inspection and modification of the suspension design
- Accuracy with over 400 data channels which can be plotted against each other or tabulated in a report. Easily compare results from multiple design iterations in customizable graphs and report tables.
- Fast and reliable solver - OptimumKinematics has been successfully tested against the leading CAD software packages and test data collected at automotive laboratories
- Direct application to car design and setup with tools for Design of Experiments and flexibility in terms of units and coordinate systems