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Download keygen for Phantasm CS Publisher 3.0.2 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator

Phantasm CS Publisher 3.0.2 Plugin for Adobe Illustrator (Windows/MacOSX) | 8.4/5.1 MB
The plugin is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS4 - CC
Phantasm CS - plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, which enjoys great popularity among users. By installing this addon, you will be able directly to Adobe Illustrator document to correct any color images and graphics used in it. This includes changing the brightness, contrast and saturation control over shadows, adjust levels and curves. The plugin works equally well with both vector images and raster graphics, high resolution, and preview the changes in real time greatly simplifies the work.
Note also five built-in effects, each of which can be optimized to suit your requirements. The tool works with all embedded objects - vector, text and images. Each function is integrated with the eigenfunctions Illustrator, including gradients, meshes, filters and effects.
Color setting in the form of a filter and a "live" (non-destructive) effects
Use familiar tools - Brightness / Contrast, Hue / Saturation, Curves, Levels, and others. Most of them allows you to share settings with the same tools of Photoshop.
All tools work with documents in RGB or CMYK, protecting it from changes in spot colors.
Applying the correction in the form of a live effect, you will be able to customize, combine, reorder, or remove any change at any stage.
Options are available for the training of the press, as "Safe CMYK", maintaining the amount of colors, overprint removal, conversion of complex black in a simple black and others.
Artistic freedom using raster and vector Duotone
If the Levels and Curves tools do not make fundamental changes to the design, a color change, the tools of Duotone and Halftone - filters and effects - allow you to create extraordinary results.
Duotone (as well as one-, three-, and four-color options) are familiar to specialists in Photoshop. Now they are available in Illustrator. The tool works on vector graphics, text and embedded images, while retaining their vector and raster features.
Bitmaps (filters and effects) yield vector is basically a result - from the standard form to an arbitrary point, based on illyustratorovskih characters.
Color control and color separation
Phantasm CS Studio provides a highly professional tool for those involved in the preparation of design for print. The tools Output Preview, which includes Quick Separations, Overprint Preview and Ink Coverage, you can immediately review the document with the technology side.
The familiar interface of Quick Separations gives the user an easy way to see all the colors that are present in the document - as CMYK, and spot. Viewing implemented in any combination of colors and any sequence. In the analysis includes both embedded and linked images.
Use Overprint Preview can visually assess all of the objects with the option nadpechatyvaniya (overprint). Control over the overprint is also included in a number of other tools (filters and effects).
Ink Coverage can be configured to simultaneously display four levels of arbitrary amount of colors that can not only identify existing excess of colors, but also the probability of exceeding or oversaturation in other areas.
Full Separations System creates a new document with the result of the separation. Of this document is available independent of plate and edit them independently of each other. This option can be useful, for example, in preparation for printing on textiles.
Direct editing of embedded bitmaps
Phantasm CS Studio has a unique opportunity - to edit the embedded image is caused by an external editor (such as Photoshop), and after editing all of the changes are automatically updated in Illustrator. Here's how it works:
Highlight a picture.
Click Edit -> Edit Image within Illustrator.
Image will open in a bitmap editor. When editing is complete, save the file.
Click Edit -> Update Image within Illustrator. The changes will appear in Illyustoratore - including changing the color of the model (including Photoshop multi-ink), the resolution, the change in masking channels.
- Adjust the brightness and contrast
- Adjust the saturation and brightness
- Filters and Effects to adjust midtones, canals, temperature and tint
- Quick preview of the
- Complete separation
- Built-in image editor
- Save Options and configuration management
- Support Function window position between sessions
- Auto-hide the edges of the color when editing
- And many other features
The plugin is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS4 - CC (17).
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7/Win 8.
Language: English
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