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Download keygen for Kodak DIGITAL GEM Airbrush Professional 2.1.0

Kodak DIGITAL GEM Airbrush Professional 2.1.0
Plug-in, in which you can reduce the noise and grain in the photos, to remove minor scratches and other artifacts. The professional version is different from the standard 16-bit support, improved algorithm, and the presence of a special preview window Noise Preview, which shows a map of the noise floor.
Minimum resolution you are working with the plugin - 512x512.
Digital GEM Professional offers two methods of eliminating noise and scratches - Noise Reduction (Noise Suppression) and a decrease in grain size (Grain Suppression). Depending on which algorithm is selected, change the settings plug.
Blending slider determines the impact of the effect on the image. When this is set to 50 half the processed image is mixed with half of the original image. Naturally, in order to remove all the artifacts, it is best to set a value of 100 percent, at which you will receive the most powerful effect.
Noise Controls group settings allows you to adjust the degree of removing noise separately in shaded (Shadows) and lit (Highlights) areas of the image.
Group settings Grain Controls contains two sliders - Suppression and Detail Sensitivity. The first is responsible for the suppression of grain in the image, and the second controls the level of detail in the image. For large values of Detail Sensitivity effect is less pronounced, but the fine details are better visible in the frame.
Finally, with the help of the settings can be managed Clarity sharpness / blur. Amount parameter determines the direction in which the image is changed, and is responsible for setting the number of Radius adjacent pixels that are affected by the filter.