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Download keygen for Shadow Illuminator Pro 2.1.8 Build 234R Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Shadow Illuminator Pro 2.1.8 Build 234R Plugin for Adobe Photoshop
Size : 17.2 MB
Shadow Illuminator works with any 8 and 16 bit images: with color and black-and-white photographs, x-rays, as well as pictures taken in other color ranges of the spectrum (infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays, etc.) and is intended to recover details in dark areas of the picture. I must say that the program excels at work - the plugin works really efficiently and increases the brightness of the shadows quite natural, since it does not create the effect of a certain artificial lights.This is possible thanks to the fact that the algorithms produce very accurate in the photo area, where the start and end with the shadow. The remaining parts of the image remain untouched - that thus achieving the effect of naturalness.Especially surprising is how exactly the original plug-in detects tsveta.Naprimer, in one of the tests on the original image all the land and vegetation merged into virtually indistinguishable gray mass. But the program was able to calculate Shadow Illuminator original colors, that is in the frame, so that after processing the photo vegetation acquired all shades from light brown to dark green, and in the foreground there was grass bright green color.