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Download keygen for CA ARCserve Central Applications r16.5-LuLZiSO

CA ARCserve Central Applications r16.5-LuLZiSO | 1.05GB
CA ARCserve? Central Applications provides a collection of common look and feel web applications built to extend the functionality of CA ARCserve D2D. By using one or more of the CA ARCserve Central Applications, CA ARCserve D2D configuration and reporting management tasks are streamlined. These applications also allow alternatives to how CA ARCserve D2D can protect systems, and additional ways standard CA ARCserve D2D recovery points can be utilized. By discovering windows servers and providing policy based management, creating just the right type of data protection is a matter of simple configuration, no matter which apps are right for the job. Also, all of the data recovery options can be initiated from one interface saving time when it matters most. Consolidated status and access to protected servers is further enhanced by centralized reporting that can also include data collected from CA ARCserve Backup, providing recovery point information for both CA ARCserve D2D as well as CA ARCserve Backup.
Common interfaces eases use across all CA ARCserve Central Applications
Each applications extends the function of CA ARCserve D2D, providing multiple uses for these recovery points.
Allows easier discovery and deployment of CA ARCserve D2D, versus managing stand alone installations.
Policy based backup configuration allows for faster implementation versus configuring or updating each CA ARCserve D2D server.
Get more from your VMware by tuning one CA ARCserve Central Host-Based VM Backup server to pro- tect multiple virtual machine on ESX
Virtual machines for Hyper-v and VMware can be cre- ated from CA ARCserve D2D backup data, providing faster recovery times by manually or automatically standing up a virtual machine created from a recovery point.
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